About us

about computer score

The Computer Score team has developed, manufactured, installed and supported automatic scoring since 1986 and has numerous sites in the USA, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Bahrain, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Denmark and Malaysia as well as Australia.

During this period the research and development team has used its experience spanning over 40 years in the bowling industry, to create and refine, through several major re-developments, a scoring system of very high quality and performance. This passionate team effort has resulted in a mature and informed appreciation of the necessary requirements of creating, maintaining and supporting automatic scoring equipment. Computer Score is the only company that can boast that their team has remained intact for all twenty four years of its development.

Computer Score knows the importance of customer service and ensures that the centre personnel is well trained and supported in the operation and diagnostics of the system at installation time. After-sale service is unparalleled in response and results.

Our team has never lost sight of the vision that this product needs to be, and is, impressively functional, it also needs to be informative, exciting, stimulating and fun for your customers.