Computer Score's Bowler Interface undoubtedly provides the most simple to use scoring system available.

Easy to use 'Help' menus guide your customers through many functions, such as "Late Pinfall' Rescan, View Scores from Other Lanes in real time, View their Previous games whilst bowling the current game, change their Scoregrid display from 5 to 10 Frames, view the Pindication before bowling the second ball of the frame, even Cycling the pinsetter machine, if your reset buttons are inoperative.

Bowler Interface

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Display 10 frame or 5 frame grid

Partially transparent scoregrids over vibrant background colours provide impact without distraction. Clearly display scratch and handicap scores, as well as team totals - even in Open Play, if required. Different backgrounds and color schemes allow players and staff to determine competition or open play scoregrids. Up to 10 players can bowl on a lane and scoregrids can switch between 10 frame and 5 frame mode. There is even an "i mode" to hide to statistical info at the bottom of the screen to maximize the score's visibility.

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Bowler Form Camera

This optional feature provides an additional camera to capture the bowler's action at the foul line as the ball is delivered. Based on the ball's speed, the video will display the Bowler's Form at the foul line, the Ball Delivery, the Ball's Track to the pindeck and the resulting Pin Action.

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Pin Action Replay

The score grid provides as much information as possible whilst continuing to display the scores. After a score is determined, a replay of the ball hitting the pins is shown.

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Pindication with Sparemaker and Ball Speed

The final part of the score sequence is the Pindication display. This 3D representation of the pins remaining also includes a spare maker function which shows the bowler the best spot to place the ball in order to convert the spare.

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League Name Entry

League Name Entry is as simple as pressing 1,2,3 and Play. Clear instructions assist the bowler in entering Blind Scores, Vacancy Scores, Substitutes and Pacers. Individual and Team Pre Bowling is simple for staff to process, including the payment transaction. Scores are automatically inserted on the correct date of play by the fully integrated League Secretarial program, and Individual pre-bowled scores appear on the scoere grid on the scheduled date of play. Team Post Bowling is handled in a similar manner by the comprehensive League / Tournament Program.

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Analysis Help Menu

From this screen, League / Tournament Bowlers can display Match Results at anytime during the series, Team Strikes and Spares analysis, Head to Head worm graphs, Previous Week's Teams Standings, Lane Records and First and Second Ball Speed Histograms, for both Players and Teams.

League and Tournament Standing Sheets are printed in seconds, after all competition lanes are ended, and all other reports, such as Match Records, Individual / Team Records and other reports are available at the same time.

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Team / Individual Graph

The Team Graph allows you to compare your team's progress against the opposition, frame by frame.  At a glance you can see which team is ahead, as well as by how many pins, frame by frame, in real time. The current Match Record can also be viewed during the match, and is updated frame by frame, in real time.
Individual Head-to-Head graphs can also be selected for display, providing similar information.

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View Other Lanes

Do you want to know how the other teams are progressing during the match? The View Lane button displays the score grid from any other lane, updating it frame by frame, in real time. From this option you can also view any of the previous game's score grids.

Game Command

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Game Command

Game Command is an optional add on package that allows you, as the operator, to run promotional games using scores from across the entire house.

Game Command© works with your existing Projection Screens that you are using for Music Videos.

Game Command features 9 different games that add interest & excitement to your Disco Bowling Program and other events. The games engage the whole or part of your centre in fun competitions, giving your staff the tool they need to ensure your customers enjoy themselves.

The variety of games target different styles of events from social disco, schools, corporate groups, even competition bowling!  The bowlers follow the competition on the big screen while your centre announcer builds the excitement on the microphone.

View the brouchure for more information.