Click here to visit the LiveScores site What is LiveScores?

LiveScores is a yearly paid subscription service that has been developed by Computer Score with the co-operation and support of TBA.  A program is run on a computer in your centre which interprets the scores on the lanes and uploads them to our secure server.  League information can then accessed by TBA and Scoresheets can be accessed by your bowlers (Live, in real time) who can post them to their Facebook feed. 



Click here to visit the LiveScores site.

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Secured Scoresheet with Facebook Share

Every Scoresheet and Receipt has a six digit LiveScores Access code.  Login with that code on your LiveScores webpage and the bowler will see their scoregrid.  If the game is still being played, it will automatically update as they bowl.  Even if this game was finished months ago, you can still login and see it.  The bowler can then click on a button to share an image of this scoregrid onto their Facebook page.  Anybody clicking on the image in Facebook will be taken back to LiveScores to see all games in the series.

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Listing of last game bowled on each lane

The current game for each lane (or last game if it is empty) is listed so that anybody can see it.  However, they will not be able to share the game to Facebook.  This is handy for those situations where a bowler wants to have a quick look at scores while they are bowling, or look at other lanes while on the concourse.

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Standing Sheet Upload

As each standing sheet is viewed or printed it is automatically uploaded to our LiveScores server in the cloud.  Each Bowler Record and Team Record also includes a link to that week’s LiveScores scoresheet.  This the designed to replace our existing FTP Upload program.  The advantage of the LiveScores hosting is that it does not rely on a Scheduled Task to upload once or twice a day, it occurs automatically within a minute of the Standing Sheet being produced.  It also means that the software no longer needs to know your Web Site username and password.  One of the best ways to improve the utilization of LiveScores by your bowlers is to create or change a link on your website to the LiveScores listing of your leagues.

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Web Bookings

The current status of your booking sheet is automatically upload to the LiveScores site as part of the scores ulpoad process.  Bookings can then be made in an easy three step process. 

  1. Enter the number of bowlers, the quantity of games per bowler and the desired date.
  2. Select from Morning Afternoon or Evening and select a time from a drop down list.  If the venue is fully booked, then the customer is informed that there are no lanes avaiable at that time and to select a different time.
  3. Enter the group's details including phone number and email.


Once submitted, an email confirmation is sent to the customer, as well as to you.  Bookings are then automatically inserted into your booking sheet at the venue, ready for the group to arrive.


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Search page

Browse to a special section of the website which, or security reasons, is only available from within your centre and shows a listing of any selected day’s LiveScore codes as well as graphs of Upload Volume and Views over any selected Day, selected Week, or selected Month.  This list is useful when wanting to search and find that pre-bowl from three weeks ago which wasn’t saved and has been lost.

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Automatic Email with Scoresheet

LiveScores can also automatically send an email that includes a direct link to the LiveScores scoresheet.  If the score is for a league game, then the email also includes a direct link to the Standing Sheet.  Another way to greatly increase the value of LiveScores to your centre, is to make sure all your bowlers have a valid email address in the address book.

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Statistics email to you

We will be periodically sending you an email with a summary of your Upload Volume and Views information as well as a link to your search page.  It is hoped to further develop this into a newsletter style report containing tip and information on LiveScores and other aspects of Computer Score generally. 

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TBA Integration

For our Australian clients, LiveScores replaces the League Data Extractor program to upload the scores and bowler names of each league to our server on the Cloud.  TBA can then query that data to automatically bring it into their own Tenpin Results website.  This eliminates you having to send bowler’s details to TBA as this happens automatically.  TBA is now working on providing statistical information for your bowlers, across multiple leagues and even multiple centres.  This will give the bowler much more information on how they play and help with that age-old question of “What does the TBA do for me?”  TBA matches names using First, Last Name and birthdate, but quality of information going to TBA (and therefore the bowlers) would be greatly improved by making sure that all your registered bowlers have their TBA Lifetime number entered in the Sanction Number field of the Congress Tab in the Address book.