Tony Stout, Owner Hard Rock Lanes in Garden City, Kansas USA

Our Solo system has been a great benefit for our center. Our customers are happy with the new colors and the speed of the system. Installation was so simple and the instructions were easy to follow. I would highly recommend Solo for any center 16 lanes or less, you'll save money and most importantly, you'll keep your customers happy. The technical support is by far the best in the business so you won't 'Go-It-Alone' but you can GO-SOLO!

Tim LaBotte, Owner Herrin Bowl in Energy, Illinois

Our center was completely destroyed by fire. When we began replacing equipment, we reviewed several systems and went with the Matrix Scoring System because we found it to be the best system for the dollar. And, it helped that we were previously using VanTech scoring and were pleased with it. It says a lot when you put the same equipment in twice.

Randy Williams, Owner Lincoln Lanes in Boonville, Illinois.

We installed Matrix in August 2003 and absolutely love the league secretary. I like that the system uses monitors as opposed to televisions and that one computer takes care of every six lanes....that saves on space. I also like the idea that we can make our own commercials.

Doug Cottom, Owner Ross Cottom Lanes in Harrisburg, Illinois.

I've installed the Matrix system at two centers and couldn't be happier. It's compatible with Windows and it's user friendly. Our customers have no trouble operating it from the pedistal and that has eliminated 60-70% of our trips from the counter to the pedistal to address any problems.

Terry Lewis, Geelong Bowling Lanes

I am extremely happy with the Windows upgrade and cannot fault it!

Brian Hodge, Rosebud Tenpin Bowl

The more logical structure, integrated 'help' and 'icon' based format really simplifies training new staff.

Neil Deith, Windsor bowl

The information terminal has brought us one step closer to the elusive promise of a paperless office, we no longer use reams of paper printing standing sheets, and have reclaimed much needed wall space for other promotions. Our customers also appreciate the 'instant access' to the results by not having to wait until someone 'posts' the standing sheets up on the board.

Simon Calder, Ed Fleming Lanes

The Windows system is the best & easiest computer scoring system I have used. The tournament programme is as simple as setting up a league & bowlers love it. I would strongly recommend any centre who has the Computer Score DOS system to upgrade to the Windows system.

Jill Rendell, Super Bowl, Warwick Grove, WA

In the ten years I've been working with Computerscore I have always maintained it is the best scoring system available. This weekend it proved itself, yet again. With your help, we were not only able to make the system beg - It actually sat up and barked! Once again - thanks for your help. It worked perfectly. Much appreciated.